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      We are the Pashko Brothers, Ilya and Igor, and we would like to tell you what true quality is and why we mean it. Before production, every electronics developer faces a difficult choice between focusing on quantity or quality of their product!

Frankly speaking, according to statistics, the quantity brings much more revenue thanks to net retailers and Internet-sales.

  Living in China for years, we had the opportunity to watch the electronics market and mobile phones accessories market grow. Special emphasis has been devoted to portable battery chargers.

  Every day quantity of all kinds of battery chargers and power banks was growing. At the same time a сompetition had begun to evolve, which entailed a price collapse required for competitiveness.

  Most of the vendors advertise their portable chargers as premium quality products, but are made of plastic or rough steel. For example: Mophie, Boostcase, Incase, Duracell for Michael Kors, Phillips. It made us wonder whether a product made of plastic is really "premium", while Apple, being a leading manufacturer of premium gadgets, uses high quality aluminium. Considering marketing analysis results, IIP Brothers(our company) decided to produce the devices only out of aluminium to fully match world premium standards.

  After we had begun to develop battery chargers, we realized that it is impossible to create and produce high-quality, high-tech chargers at a low cost. Therefore, we decided to place the emphasis entirely on product quality.


  This quality is based on the following terms:

1. Natural raw materials such as glass, sapphire, aluminium, raw rubber, and wood.

2. Electronic components. We use American and Japanese components of the following manufacturers: Texas Instrument, Atmel, Microchip, Torex, Panasonic, etc.
3. Mind. We are the first to employ microcontrollers in portable chargers. It allows us to apply technologies such as "touch slider", "clever backlight", "level and control of battery charge and discharge".

4. Design. The main idea for design isn’t to change or improve an appearance of smartphones, but to complete it!
5. Quality control. We control the quality of production at every step. Starting from the code to guarantee labels.


   We consider these 5 terms to be the successful formula for high-quality technological products. Subscribe to our pages on social media networks. Follow us to see how we focus on every detail during developing and on every step from producing to packing.

Truly yours, Pashko Brothers!

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