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ALUMINIUM V for iPhone 5s / 5

Premium charger


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Premium Charger Aluminium V - 74,95$

For iPhone 5s / 5 with love



  Aluminium V is an absolutely new unique gadget that makes your battery’s life longer by more than 70%

 It perfectly extends iPhone keeping its bestworld-recognized design.

 We’ve created an accessory that doesn’t change or distort iPhone design.

  Aluminium V is made of the same high quality materials and electronics components as iPhone 5s/5

  Along with its basic features Aluminium V is a premium class accessory,  which perfectly completes and adorns a set of things you carry every day.





           Gorilla Glass

Aluminium Case

2.64 inches

(67.1 mm)

5.44 inches

(138.3 mm)

2.64 inches

(67.1 mm)

0.28 inch

(7.1 mm)

0.28 inch

(7.1 mm)

2.55 inches

(65 mm)


  Being super compact, stylish, and smart it makes you want to use it every day. Aluminium V is a fresh new view over portable chargers. The Aluminium V is made of the same high quality materials as the iPhone 5s/5


- Portable Charger with a new and convenient dongle-type connection, exclusively developed for iPhone5S/5 and patented (no wires or bulky cases distorting the beauty of the iPhone).

- Rechargeable 1250 Mah battery adds over 70% recharge for iPhone 5s & iPhone 5.

- Aluminium V has a built-in touch slider (iPhone users have already got used to and have enjoyed for a long time) to turn the charger on and off.

- LED light slide-bar shows remaining battery level.

- Aluminium VI body frame is made from a durable anodized aluminium and scratch-proof gorilla glass (not plastic or rough steel)



Product dimensions 2.28 in x 2.50 in x 0.27 in

Weight 1.35 oz

Compatibility iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S

Battery capacity 1200mAh

Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Manual Download here

Product SKUs 4SLAL5SI

Package contents 4SL Power, micro USB cable

Patents View here




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