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"We are fans of our product, it's more than high-quality marketing!" - IIP Brothers.



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       On this page companies usually tell you how large and well developed they are. That their products are sold all over the world and by many sale networks. As well as, how they gained a number of awards and prices.

  But we want to tell you who we are, how we work, and how we feel about our product.

  We, the Pashko Brothers, founded our own company in Hong Kong and named it "IIP Brothers Limited" in 2013, to produce and develop innovative electronic gadgets with NFC and BLE technologies, mobile applications, and premium class portable chargers under the 4SECOND LIFE TRADEMARK.

  We have been fans and admirers of all the Apple products for a long time. So that is why the 4Second Life team followed the idea to create a wireless, compact, smart, and technological, premium class device to match Apple products. We literally want everyone, including women, to enjoy our product.

  Women are very demanding to the beauty and elegance of the things they use, which means a compact size, no wires, and a smart design is crucial. It is a difficult task to create a wireless portable charger without losing your device’s smart look.  There are many great accessories for smartphones, including portable chargers, but they distort the beauty and elegance of the iPhone, which is created by world-known designers. Our company has found a solution to this problem and created a unique, super modern gadget while keeping the design and quality of noble materials used by Apple Inc.

  Portable battery chargers "4Second Life" have no analogues in the world. We are the first to begin using microcontrollers in the portable chargers manufacturing, so they are true "Smart Banks".

 We personally take part in every step of manufacturing so that we can guarantee the quality ourselves. We are a small, but friendly team of 25 employees working in 3 offices. Hong Kong, Shenzhen, St. Petersburg, and we have opened our fourth office in Los Angeles, which will soon be the head office.

  The main purpose of our business is not to gain a share in the portable accumulator market, but to gain the trust and respect of our customers. It is the only way to create really high-quality, high-tech products that will become a small, but essential, part in our life.



Truly yours, Pashko Brothers!


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